What is Safe Outs?

Safe Outs is an innovative app that shows the customers the protective measures that have been adopted by your outlet to fight against COVID-19.

How does Safe Outs differ from other apps?

Safe Outs have its unique feature:

  • Show customers real-time occupancy of outlet.
  • Notifying customers if any of the employees tested positive for COVID-19 after 14 days of their visit.
  • And many more such features

Is my data secured?

Yes! The data input by you is safe and the customer is shared data related to several people present in your outlet apart from general data shared with customers like safety measures in place, distance, restaurant name, location as so on.

What about data of my customer?

Safe outs do not ask you to collect any data from your customer. You can carry on the business as usual and just have to update on a real-time basis the number of customers in your restaurant.

Does Safe Outs charge any fee?

Safe Outs believes fighting against COVID-19 as its motive and registering on Safe Outs is free of cost.

Can I delete my account from Safe Outs?

Yes, you can delete your account from Safe Outs at one single click. All your information on deleting your account from Safe Outs will be removed.

Is Safe Outs easy to use?

Yes! Safe Outs is even easier than using the mobile phone to dial a number.

How does all this help me?

The hospitality industry is the hardest hit due to COVID-19. Customers at large want to go out but are not comfortable due to safety measures, and social distancing practices to follow. Safe Outs helps outlets build the trust of the customers, giving customers the confidence to venture out safely