What is Safe Outs?

Safe Outs is an innovative app that helps you to venture outside homes in a safer environment. Safe outs provide you unique related to COVID-19 like Contact Tracing, Real Time occupancy for number of customers//people present at particular outlets, safety measures in place by outlets and so on.

How does Safe Outs differ from other Apps?

Safe Outs have its unique feature:

  • Provides data before going to a particular location.
  • Accurate information of the outlet on real time basis.
  • Automatic Notification for better tracing of COVID -19.

What is Contact Tracing?

Contact tracing is a method of identification to help you know if you had contact with any person suffering from COVID-19.

What information we provide through Contact Tracing?

Safe Outs will provide you with notification as soon as any of the employees to the outlet you have visited has been tested for COVID -19 in the coming 14 days of your visit to that outlet.

Will I be provided outlet name and employee details of person tested positive for COVID -19?

At Safe Outs we believe in outmost privacy of our partners and their employees. Keeping this objective in mind we will not be sharing outlets name or its employee detail.

Do all partners/outlets of Safe Outs provide their employees positive test cases of COVID-19?

No! It is at complete discretion of outlets to provide data pertaining to COVID -19 testing. Safe Outs does not emphasis on compulsory disclosure by outlets.

Is my data secured?

Yes! Your data is secured with Safe Outs. None of your information is shared with any outlets and Safe Outs just uses your location service. Your location service is stored in cloud data along with your sign in details. No other data is stored. No information is stored for more than 14 days.

What about other customers?

At Safe Outs believe in utmost privacy and we don’t trace/store/attempt to collect data regarding any movements of any customer. We don’t provide any information for any other customer.

Who provides/verifies information shown by Safe Outs?

Safe Outs shares the information as updated by outlets and rely entirely on outlets to provide the updated correct information.

How does this help me?

It helps you to make a better decision in terms of your safety measure. We believe it can help you decide whether you want to continue venturing out with current measures, increase your safety measures, test yourself for COVID -19, self-isolation and so on.